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Tecnologia :: Tipos de Antenas para Recepção de Satélite

Antena Multibeam
WaveFrontier Toroidal antenna

TOROIDAL dual reflector antenna is similar to Gregorian reflector in shape, but the basic formula differs from it. The sub-reflector of Toroidal antenna is from a virtual toroid, but the main reflector is analogous to an ellipsoid. There is no parabolic formula. This system has a convex - concave sub-reflector. This sub-reflector is convex in one plane and concave in orthogonal plane. The complete shape of them are obtained through elaborate mathematical and physical calculation.

Fonte: Wave Frontier Co.

There are two versions of the WaveFrontier Toroidal antenna: T55 and T90
Look in the SatLex gallery for more pictures of WaveFrontier Toroidal antennas!

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