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01/03/2004 100,000 visitors after 445 days!!!
28/02/2004 Signal delay as supplementary calculation in the 'AZ/EL Calculator'.
100 additional cities worldwide now in the 'AZ/EL Calculator'!
'Antenna Efficiency Calculator' has been improved and also extended to calculate the offset angle of a satellite dish.
27/02/2004 From now on more fresh satellite news from 'Transponder NEWS Forum' (RSS Feed)!
21/02/2004 New interconnections of multi switches under 'Configurations' and also some improvements.
20/02/2004 New calculator: antenna half-power beam width
18/02/2004 New FAQ area for receivers
30/01/2004 Next three satellite launches now shown on the main page (home).
24/01/2004 New technology theme with all kind of LNB types
18/01/2004 New technology theme with several interconnections of LNBs, DiSEqC switches and multi switches under 'Configurations'!
15/01/2004 New banner in the upper part of the website! Old banner will only be used in 'Disclaimer'.
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