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[4.3] The Command Byte
The actual control commands are transferred in the command byte. The following is a very small extract listing the commands:

Hex ByteCommandFunction
00ResetRestarts the slave micro controller
02StandbyMakes device fall into standby mode
03Power onMakes device awake from standby mode
07AddressReading of slave address
10StatusReading of status register
11ConfigReading of Configuration register
14Switch 0Reading of available switches and current switch states
20Set LoSelection of low band
21Set VRSelection of vertical polarization (or right circular)
22Set Pos ASelection of satellite system A
23Set S0AOptions switch state A
24Set HiSelection of high band
25Set HLSelection of horizontal polarisation (or left circular)
26Set Pos BSelection of satellite system B
27Set S0BOptions switch state B
38Write N0Command to describe the entire IF path
50LO stringReading of the local oscillator frequency (BCD Value)
51LO nowReading of current local oscillator frequency
52LO LoReading of low local oscillator frequency
53LO HiReading of high local oscillator frequency

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