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20.06.2003 New pictures of my Gibertini 100 cm with DiSEqC 1.2 Moteck SG-2100.
The result in module 'EL Obstacle' can now be printed out.
16.06.2003 New classification of the 'hyperlinks'.
11.06.2003 My website appeared in the DIGITAL FERNSEHEN magazine (edition 05) on 2003-04-27!
04.04.2003 Pictures of my new equipment: Gibertini 100 cm with DiSEqC 1.2 Moteck SG-2100
19.03.2003 Now I have an awards page!
28.02.2003 Country names in 'AZ/EL Calculator' now also in English.
14.02.2003 ISP change done! is now faster then ever, thanks to the ISP change and the new embedded GZIP technology.
22.01.2003 Daily sat news!
19.01.2003 Internet addresses of most satellite operators from the whole world.
18.01.2003 'Links' are now better represented. Additionally you can see the number of hits for each link.
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