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SatLex por dentro :: Mi historia - ¡Así empezó todo!

Los años de 2000 a 2002
Echostar AD-3000IP
For me the digital era started in spring of the year 2000. My first digital receiver was an Echostar AD-3000IP with both analog and digital tuner. I used the current equipment until sommer of year 2001, until it was time to explore more of what was coming from outer space.

Triax Multifocus Unique
In order to do this, I had to use more than 3 LNBs. Thus I bought a special multifeed antenna Triax Multifocus Unique with a size of 110 cm. At the very beginning I only had 4 LNBs mounted, but within a very short period of time, I managed to install 8 LNBs.
My nick name "TriaxMan" originates from this particular time.
You can see some pictures of this satellite equipment in my gallery.

Humax CRCI 5500
The new digital receiver was a Humax CRCI 5500. Since this receiver had no DiSEqC 1.1 protocol, I had to come up with a method of how to control the LNBs no.5 to no.8. The solution was easy. I used the 12V signal output from the back side of the receiver. You can find more information about this in my FAQ.

Wavefrontier Toroidal 90
I sold the Triax Multifocus in the summer 2002 and bought a new type of multifeed antenna at that time: Wavefrontier Toroidal 90. At the beginning I had 12 LNBs mounted and shortly after, there were 14 LNBs mounted! Now I could cover an amazing range of 49.2° (from 19.2°East to 30° West). Some tests proved to me, that even a greater range would have been possible.
You can see some pictures of this satellite equipment in my gallery.

Topfield 4000 PVR
Switching of each LNB was done using a Topfield 4000 PVR twin receiver. This device had two very sensitive tuners and in my opinion, this was the best receiver I have ever had.
Seeing that it didn't have the DiSEqC 1.1 protocol either, I had to be a little creative. Thus I created a very complicated switching, which worked very well. Using this switching, I was able to receive all romanian channels with only one antenna (from 16° East to 18° West).

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